ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is the title of your latest music release and what was the creative process while making it like?

SABRINA FALLAH: My recent release is My Compilation CD, which I released in January 2019 with my label Dance Plant Records through The Orchard on iTunes. I basically put all my songs that I had previously released on one record, "All Or Nothing", "One Chance", "Break Through", "Ask", "Sorry", "The Frontline", "Kiss Is a Killer", "Stuck Up", "Didn't Last", "Paradise Comes With a Price", "Hurt" with a bonus new track called "Everything".

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What are you currently doing to achieve your goals?

SABRINA FALLAH: Now that I am with a label, I have a good team behind me helping me out with my career. One of my goals is to get my songs played on mainstream radio. My song "The Frontline" is spinning on mainstream radio stations in Remania, Eastern Europe, but I also want my songs spinning on Canadian and U.S mainstream radio stations.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What projects are you working on at the moment?

SABRINA FALLAH: At the moment, I am writing new songs. Thinking about what I want to say in my music to share with the world. I love helping people through the messages in my music.


ARTIST’S HOUSE: What makes you start writing a song? Do you randomly feel an impulse to go and write? Or is it planned?

SABRINA FALLAH: The song ideas usually come to me and when they do, I grab my guitar and start writing down the lyrics and music.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you play any instruments?

SABRINA FALLAH: Yes, I play the piano and the guitar, both acoustic and electric. I started learning the piano at the age of 10 and the guitar I think at the age of 16.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you plan to do any live concerts soon?

SABRINA FALLAH: Yes, of course, I love being on stage performing.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: If you were to go on stage, what would your outfit look like? More casual or more of a wild rocker look?

SABRINA FALLAH: On stage I normally wear skinnies, tank tops, sometimes leather jackets, plaid shirts, boots or heals and lots of rocky makeup. I wear mostly black.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How would you describe your general style?

SABRINA FALLAH: My genre of music is rock.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What’s tough about the music industry in your opinion?

SABRINA FALLAH: The music industry isn’t the easiest industry to be in. It is hard to point out what is tough in the industry, because overall everything is.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you have a team that works with you and helps with your career?

SABRINA FALLAH: I do. I got signed to Dance Plant Records in January 2019. They are very supportive of me and the music that I create.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Are you planning to do any music videos in the future? Any idea on what it would be about?

SABRINA FALLAH: I would love to, especially when I release new music.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

SABRINA FALLAH: I love performing and interacting with people. I also love the creative process and recording in the studio.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you ever have times when you’re afraid to be yourself?

SABRINA FALLAH: I don't think so, I am very confident in who I am and in what I do.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What does happiness mean to you?

SABRINA FALLAH: A lot of things make me happy, like being with family and friends, talking to my supporters, creating music and performing and of course feeding the animals in my backyard like squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, birds, etc.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What’s a random, but cool fact about you?

SABRINA FALLAH: I love feeding squirrels and chipmunks. They take it from my hand and climb up on my leg or back.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Are there any musical styles you’re thinking about experimenting with?

SABRINA FALLAH: I would love to experiment with other musical styles, but I just have to figure out which style it would be.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Tell us about your pet squirrels. What are their names? What is the story on how you got them?

SABRINA FALLAH: I have been feeding the squirrels in my backyard for over 3 years now. I didn't raise them; they were just in my yard. Their names are Greyster, Blacky, Brownie, Skittles, Fluffy, Crunchy, and Spotty. I do have more squirrels than that, but those are the names of some of them. Blacky and Greyster are the squirrels who come up to me, Blacky was the first one, but Greyster loves to climb on my leg and back. I also feed the chipmunks. I have a family of chipmunks who live in my backyard. One day I saw a baby chipmunk on the grass without its mom and I picked it up and now I am feeding it. It is amazing how they remember the ones who helped them and who are nice to them.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Is there anyone special in your heart right now?

SABRINA FALLAH: At the moment, I am focusing on my music and when it is time for me to find that special someone it will happen.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: If we opened your fridge, what would we find in it? What does a rocker like you eat or drink?

SABRINA FALLAH: If you open my fridge you would find meat, veggies, fruits, juice, soft drinks, etc. I also like snacking on sweets and chocolates when I can. When I am performing or recording I am very careful with what I eat or drink, for example I stay away from dairy products.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Tell us a funny story that happened recently.

SABRINA FALLAH: I think the funniest thing that happened recently was when I went outside, both my grey squirrel and baby chipmunk jumped on me for food. It was so funny when it happened, because I didn't expect it. I feel so loved by them.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: If you were to spend a day with one of your fans, where would you go? What would you do?

SABRINA FALLAH: I would of course do something that they would also be interested in. I love going to amusement parks and riding the roller coasters; that would be a fun thing to do. Also, we could go somewhere that we can sit and talk and get to know each other, like having a coffee or grabbing a bite to eat.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What do you think about the current popular artists of today? Do you have a favorite?

SABRINA FALLAH: What attracts me to some of the current artists is the style of music. My favourite current artist of today is Lukas Graham and his music is very different.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

SABRINA FALLAH: Never give up on what you love to do!!!