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ARTIST’S HOUSE: What do you love the most about your career?

ELIZABETH PARKER: My passion is fashion, which means I'm most happy when I can find a way for people to look more attractive and sophisticated.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What gets you inspired?

ELIZABETH PARKER: The individual look of people inspires me the most.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Why did you decide to become a fashion designer/artist?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I've been a fine artist all my life and I have a good feeling about color, style, and shapes, so I realized I was able to merge this into fashion. As a

result, the fashions I create are like walking art.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Which is your favorite piece of work that you created?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I try to do my best so it's hard to pick a favorite.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is the process of creating your designs?

ELIZABETH PARKER: First, I think about who I'm designing for. Second, I make a sketch. Next, I select the right fabric. Finally, I create the piece.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How do you decide which models are chosen for your fashion photoshoots?

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Elizabeth Parker attends the Bride Voyage Fashion Show at Avante Banquet Hall and Conference Center, Fox River Grove, Illinois | March, 2018

Elizabeth Parker attends the Bride Voyage Fashion Show at Avante Banquet Hall and Conference Center, Fox River Grove, Illinois | March, 2018

ELIZABETH PARKER: I like to work with models who really have a passion for the process of a photo shoot.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is your favorite food?

ELIZABETH PARKER: Greasy, but I cannot have it.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I have always felt creative from the beginning. One day, I used all my very colorful charcoal to draw a dream place on the outside wall where we lived. I was so proud of what I had drawn, but at the same time fearful of what my mom would think. But my moms reaction was to hug me and say she liked the drawing, but was worried about the rain washing it away...

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is your biggest accomplishment?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I have enjoyed the fashion shows that benefited charities and good causes. It made me feel good that I was able to contribute to the cause.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What is another thing you would like to accomplish?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I feel ambitious. I want to keep making designs that make people feel special, unique, and happy.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What are your future plans?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I want to keep growing with my business.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Who is your favorite artist or designer?

ELIZABETH PARKER: I really like Alexander McQueen.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Where in the world would you want to travel to?

ELIZABETH PARKER: Iceland and Greenland.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How can people get in touch with you?

ELIZABETH PARKER:, Instagram: richcasual, and, or my email address which is

MARCH 2019

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