Faith and Harry performing at the Okra Strut Festival in South Carolina| September 2018 | Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

Faith and Harry performing at the Okra Strut Festival in South Carolina| September 2018 | Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Who are Faith and Harry?

FAITH & HARRY: Faith & Harry are simply siblings who love music. We get up thinking of music and go to bed thinking of music.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How did you start your journey with music?

FAITH: We started our musical journey when I (Faith) was three. I really, really wanted to learn the violin and everyday would nag my mum until she got me lessons. That was the hard part, trying to find someone willing to teach a three year old; but my mum was very persistent. 

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Is it easy to be a singer these days?

FAITH: I'm not sure, Luiza, if it's easier to be a singer today than it was in the past. Harry and I work very hard on our lessons. The more you practice the better you get.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Could you tell us about your day, how it starts, what you do?

FAITH & HARRY: Our day starts by looking after our dogs, Cookie and Cowboy; they are our best friends and we're now old enough to be responsible for them. After breakfast, we begin music studies for two hours. Then, start our academic subjects at home, as we're homeschooled. We end the day with three more hours of music studies. We play four instruments each and sing, so our music practice is varied to fit it all in. We also have days traveling to gigs and for model shoots so our days are often off schedule, especially when you throw recording into the mix. That's why homeschooling allows us to be flexible studying at weekends or on a plane. 

Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

Photo Credit: Sean Rayford

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Who is your manager and why is it so important to have a manager?

FAITH & HARRY: Our manager is our mum; she's awesome, she works nonstop for us. Having a manager is important; they have goals and aims to keep you on track. They are also there to make sure things are suitable for us to do. Managers are often faced with lots of decisions-- things we couldn't do on our own. But our mum always includes us in every aspect of the music business.  She listens to our opinions, including us helps to teach us what's involved for when we make our own decisions. 

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you sing on stage? How does it feel?

FAITH & HARRY: Yes, we sing on stage inside and outside. Our favorite stages are outside at music festivals. As we're getting older this year, we're performing a lot more. In a few weeks we'll be starting our summer schedule and enjoying summer fair and music festival performances.  

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Tell us about your singles and EP. What genre will they be and what else would you like to tell your fans?

HARRY: Our latest single release is called My BFFs and Me. Faith wrote it when she was 12 (she's 13 now). It’s a fun pop song about doing stuff with friends, just enjoying a sunny day. At the moment we're still experimenting with our sound playing pop songs, but also Faith and I have started writing some really cool soul songs. We really grew up this last year in the studio and have had so much fun. We can't wait to share everything with our fans.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: If you could share a stage with a star, who would it be?

HARRY: Faith and I have different people we'd like to be on stage with. One of mine is my buddy Mark Schulman, the drummer from Pink’s band. He's the one who got me into learning drums this year. I know Faith would love to perform with one of her favorites like Adele or the late Amy Winehouse. 

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Any advice for future artists?

FAITH & HARRY: I suppose the best advice I can give any musicians or vocalists is if you have a dream, work really hard, then work really hard again. Learn to be tough and ignore mean people; as the more successful you get, the meaner some people become. Just be you and stay true to yourself, seek the support of a special adult to help you with your dreams, but most of all, enjoy your journey. -Hugs, Faith & Harry

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