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ARTIST’S HOUSE: Who is Tom Slick?

TOM SLICK: Tom Slick is my radio persona. He's a creation made for the Blitz. Back in heyday of Rock N Roll, radio personalities — also known as DJs (Disc Jockeys) each created their own special way of presenting. Thus creating their own following of fans. Tom Slick only exists because I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when DJs could be themselves making a true connection with their listeners, something not really allowed on today's corporate radio. For me, I remember every morning before I went to school, I would turn on my radio to 610 AM KFRC and listen to Dr. Don Rose. He made listening to the radio fun! You couldn't wait to hear his show. It got you through your morning, on the ride to school. A great way to start your day. And that's what I try to do with Tom Slick.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How did your journey with radio begin?

TOM SLICK: When I was a teenager, a friend of mine had great recording equipment; and we would pretend to be radio personalities on our very own station. Our call letters were KWIT. K-WIT as we tried to be funny, and also the letters doubled spelling KWIT as we would say some folks wish we would just KWIT (QUIT). We would just play rock songs from the day and try to be funny in-between tracks. Having been in show business since I was 14 years old, professionally since 17, I have worked in film, television and theatre. The only medium I hadn't tried professionally was radio. I owned a theatre from 1997 to 2005. After the theatre closed, I took some time off and wrote some books, and then I saw a film called "The Boat That Rocked" The American title was "Pirate Radio" which was a story about the DJs from Radio Caroline in the 1960s that broadcast from a ship in the North Sea. As Rock and Roll

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wasn't allowed on British stations during that time, so, the broadcasters had to broadcast from the ocean in open waters, free from British law. That film was so inspiring because it reminded me so much of my youth and how I remember radio. It was that film that got me thinking about creating my own radio station and bringing back the style of radio that didn't really exist anymore. Again due to corporate radio that is cookie cutter and doesn't allow creation. So, the short answer is, thanks to the DJs of the 1960s I had a desire to bring the kind of radio I grew up back. On July 4, 2013 I launched Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz on the internet. I chose Independence Day on purpose as I've always seen the Blitz as a beacon for independent artists, be it, music, film, books, etc. This July we will celebrate our 5th birthday of broadcasting.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Who inspires you the most?

TOM SLICK: Artists who create without an agenda!  I'm old school when it comes to entertaining. It seems that everyone these days has an agenda, or they are standing for some social issue and instead of creating music, writing books, or making films to entertain... they use their talents to try to indoctrinate some political agenda. I've always said the Blitz is about the listeners and the artists. So, when someone comes along and brings me a song, book or film that is just pure entertainment I am filled once again with hope. 

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Which songs do you like best and why?

TOM SLICK: I like a lot of genres of music. I can listen to classic rock, and go to Big Band, to country music to a film-score. I have found from 5 years of broadcasting that there are some genres I would have never listened to before. The indie music scene has allowed me to experience some of the best music I've heard since the 1980s. The bottom line is, if a song has a great structure, well produced vocals and some pure imagination, I'm sold. I love the way the band Circe Link takes harmonies to a whole new level. I like Rick Mercer's old school rock-a-billy sound. If the song instantly captures my attention or gets my foot tapping, then I can't wait to share it with our listeners. 

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Do you think everyone can be an artist?

TOM SLICK: This isn't an easy answer. While I think God has given all of us a talent, not all talent is geared to being an entertainer. American Idol proves that. How many times have we watched Simon cringe because of someone who thinks they can sing yet refuses to to accept any type of training or criticizing. I have had to reject many would-be singers to our station because they were not radio ready. Their voice isn't properly trained, or their song is not professionally mixed and produced. It's hard to say "No" but you aren't doing them any favors by simply ignoring their shortcomings because you're afraid to hurt their feelings. Stepping into the public arena brings haters, there's no way to avoid it. But if you're serious about wanting to become great at singing, then you must be prepared to put the work in; some talent is natural and doesn't require as much training, where as some are going to have to work longer and harder to reach the desired professional level.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: How can fans connect with you?

TOM SLICK: Always go to our website first!

From there you can reach us on social media: FB, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Your favorite food and childhood memory?

TOM SLICK: Ugh...I love food in general! There really isn't an absolute favorite. Because I adore fried chicken and Chinese, and steak, and get it. I really miss my mom's cooking. There are just some things your mom cooks that no one else in the world can make. I could NEVER be a vegan. As far as favorite childhood memory; nothing leaps out at me. I know going to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland when I was about 10. That was a long awaited moment. But so was seeing Big Ben in London; but I was 26 when that happened.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Your biggest dream?

TOM SLICK: To earn a living doing what I love. And reaching the goal to where I can give back in a way that truly makes all the difference in the lives of the artists we play and support. In today's world of crowd funding I see so many folks turn their hobby into their full-time job and make more money than they ever could working for a regular job.That's what I hope to achieve with Blitz Radio.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: Plans for the future?

TOM SLICK: To keep doing what I'm doing now. Producing fun radio, entertaining folks, helping others realize their dream with our station.

ARTIST’S HOUSE: What project are you currently working on?

TOM SLICK: Research on how to reach more listeners and grow our support. Every day I work towards producing new shows and make the Blitz. We achieved a goal this year we thought we'd never reach and it was one that you, Luiza, wished for, and that was turning the Blitz into a 24 hour station. Feb 5, 2018, that goal was accomplished! Thanks so much to the support of our Patreon fans! Thank you Luiza for all your support of our station! We are blessed because of the kindness of folks like you! - Tom Slick.

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